Some science behind the scenes


There is a bombing and gunnery range to the south of Fairbanks that is associated with nearby Eielson Air Force Base and the US Army base at Fort Wainwright. Explosions from bombs of up to 2000 pounds in size and the detonation of other ordnance south of Fairbanks are frequently detected by I53US.  A very large signal with peak-to-peak amplitude of about 4 Pa was observed at I53US, for example. This explosion signal resulted from the detonation of ordnance at the Blaire Lakes site south of Fairbanks.

A 2000 pound bomb dropped in the bombing and gunnery range in the Tanana valley south and east of Fairbanks produced a  7 Pa peak-to-peak amplitude signal at I53US in 2003. 

Infrasound from Blaire Lakes bombing range.

Bomb signal from bombing range south of Fairbanks

As you can see from all these charts, however, the duration of the infrasound is very small meaning that the likelihood of a spiritual experience is small at distance from the bombing range, but at distances nearby the possibility increases.