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Using a Hot Water Bottle for Ear Infections



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The following observation is not from a research paper, but on the other hand one is unlikely to find any researcher looking at hot water bottles as a treatment for ear infections.  As long as you wrap the hot water bottle in a towel or old jumper it is a benign cure that works for the reasons explained in the article

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Using a Hot Water Bottle for Ear Infections

This overlooked home remedy for ear infections can be a great pain reliever and may also enhance your child’s natural immune response.

It’s well known that an elevated temperature is the body’s natural way of overcoming an invading virus or bacteria. More recently, scientists have discovered that a mild fever can help certain types of immune cells work better.

So using a hot water bottle can be a simple home remedy for ear infections with a scientific foundation:

Hot water bottle

1. Fill a hot water bottle with warm water.

2. With your child lying on his or her side, place it under your child’s infected ear.

3. No hot water bottle? Use a wet washcloth with moderately warm water, wring out the excess water and apply to the affected ear. Avoid using a heating pad.

4. Repeat several times during the day.

The warmer temperature will increase blood flow and help your child’s body more effectively fight the infection. Plus, the added warmth can be soothing and help reduce the associated pain.

While this home remedy may help ease the symptoms associated with ear infections, it overlooks the cause. In other words, why was your child susceptible to an ear infection in the first place?

After a thorough examination, chiropractors who regularly help children with ear infections often discover spinal misalignments in the upper spine. These produce nervous system interferences, which can impair immune system function.

That’s because the nervous system controls and regulates every cell, tissue, organ and system of the body. Including the immune system.

So while chiropractors are often thought as “back doctors” their real claim to fame is their ability to help restore proper nervous system control of the body. Safely and naturally. Without the use of drugs or surgery.

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