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I've had this for ages now. My earliest memory of it was when I thought I was trapped inside my mattress. For the last couple of weeks now, almost every night, I fall asleep, I think, then wake up to find myself paralysed. I get an overwhelming feeling that something isn't right about the room, there is something in the room or I see objects differently from what they should be.

It has been auditory the last few nights too, but I can't remember what has been said. When I wake up (or whatever happens when I can move again,) I find myself going to that object that wasn't right. Sometimes I am already standing up, or I just lie there in fear. Sometimes I remember what was going on, but other times I just know that something weird happened. It's usually within an hour of being asleep, and when my partner isn't in bed with me. It feels better to know I am not alone, but because I had a brain injury in my infant years, I am worried that it is connected. Any ideas would be gratefully received. --Jess

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