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Thomas Keightley - The Fairy Mythology - Gitto Bach



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Invisible input - wisdom

Number of hallucinations: 1


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The Fairy Mythology - Illustrative of the Romance and Superstition of Various Countries by Thomas Keightley  [1870]

Gitto Bach

GITTO BACH, who was a fine boy, used often to ramble to the top of the mountain to look after his father's sheep. On his return, he would show his brothers and sisters pieces of remarkably white paper, like crown-pieces, with letters stamped upon them, which he said were given him by the little children with whom he used to play on the mountain.

One day he did not return, and during two whole years no account could be got of him, and the other children were beginning to go up the mountain, and bring back some of those white crown-pieces. At length, one morning, as their mother opened the door, she saw Gitto sitting on the threshold, with a bundle under his arm. He was dressed, and looked exactly as when she last had seen him. To her inquiry of where he had been for so long a time, he replied that it was only the day before he had left her; and he bade her look at the pretty clothes the little children on the mountain had given him for dancing with them to the music of their harps.

The dress in the bundle was of very white paper, without seam or sewing. The prudent mother committed it to the flames.

"This" said the narrator, “made me more anxious than ever to see the fairies," and his wish was gratified by a gipsy who directed him to find a four-leaved clover, and put it with nine grains of wheat on the leaf of a book which she gave him. She then desired him to meet her next night by moonlight on the top of Craig y Dinis. She there washed his eyes with the contents of a phial which she had, and he instantly saw thousands of fairies, all in white, dancing to the sounds of numerous harps.

They then placed themselves on the edge of the hill and sitting down and putting their hands round their knees they tumbled down one after another rolling head-over-heels- till they disappeared in the valley.

Another old man, who was present at the preceding narration, averred that he had often seen the fairies at waterfalls ; particularly at that of Sewyd y, Rhyd in Cwm Pergwin, VaIe of Neath, where a road runs between the fall and the rock. As he stood behind the fall, they appeared in all the colours of the rainbow, and their music mingled with the noise of the water. They then retired into a cavern, which they had made in the rock, and, after enjoying themselves there, ascended the rock, ,and went off through the mountains, the sounds of their harps dying away as they receded.

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