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The World Atlas of Mysteries - Francis Hitching - Black streams



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"The World Atlas of Mysteries" by Francis Hitching. (pp 97 - 98)[1978]

Dowsing literature contains a great deal about "black streams" that can trigger off arthritis and cancer, whose effects dowsers try to neutralise in various ways. A family doctor in Arlington, Vermont, Dr Herbert Douglas, was at first extremely sceptical about the supposed connection. However, having had it proved to him in 1965 that he was a capable dowser,
"I walked around the beds, chairs and couches of arthritic people to see if dowsing reactions of underground flowing veins were really present. To my astonishment I found they were. At first I felt it to be coincidental. It was too crazy to believe. But I repeated the tests around these beds in 55 consecutive cases. Each time without a single exception, there were intersections of dowsing reaction lines, presumably caused by underground veins of water and generally underneath that part of the bed where the person usually lay. Over a period of time 25 of these people agreed to move to a different bed or place to sleep, one free of underground irritation points. Strangely enough, all 25 improved substantially or were completely free of pain."

Subsequent research with 16 cancer patients has led him to believe that this disease, too, is connected with a certain kind of underground water. He admits that there is "no scientific explanation for the relationship between arthritis and underground forces", but points to related work by Swiss, German and Austrian scientists on "illness caused by soil influences". His findings might be no more than a curiosity. But just about every first-class dowser in the world supports what he has to say, and can sense instinctively the same subtle forces. As additional evidence that the mysterious quality of primary water has had a crucial effect on the evolution of human life, they point to the way that ancient sacred sites were always placed above a significant underground water pattern.

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