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The Healing Wisdom of Birds – Lesley Morris – The Parrot



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The Healing Wisdom of Birds – Lesley Morris – The Parrot


Medicine: communication between human and animal, color healing

family : Psittaciformes

diet: seeds, fruit, nectar, pollen, insects

habitat: tropical and subtropical forests

A magnificent species of bird, parrots give the medicine of color to the world, and the healing everyone experiences through its beauty. People who carry parrot medicine are often drawn to the visual arts, even costume design, orwherever they can work with colors on a daily basis. Color is the greatest healer for those with this bird totem, and they will often incorporate bright colors in their clothing and home furnishings.

The most famous and accomplished human voice mimics are found among parrots. The parrot's ability to speak human language has made it a link between the human and animal world for centuries. Parrot teaches us how to bridge the illusory gap between the two kingdoms, and work together to help our planet as one united group.

Parrots are loud and often defiant birds. They engage in loud chatter, squeaks, piping, trills, rattles, and yelps. Several parrot species even engage in duets, with two or more, birds taking part in a single prolonged vocalization. This is believed to function primarily as a way to strengthen a pair bond. The power of voice is an important part of parrot's teachings, and if chosen by this bird you will come to a deep understanding of the impact of your words on your present reality. Our voice carries vibrations that aid in the manifestation of experience. What we say will have a ripple effect, causing either positive manifestations, or negative repercussions.

Parrots have very long life spans, and have been known to outlive their human companions. This longevity is revered in primitive groups where survival is more precarious and uncertain. They are sociable and affectionate birds, traits that will be reflected in the parrot totem individual.

In India, the god of love, Kama, rode on a parrot as his preferred vehicle. One of his sacred birds was the parrot as a symbol of his physical beauty. In ancient Rome, the parrot held the post of herald of the emperors, announcing their arrival to the Roman citizens.

Parrot is also a bird of the sun. It is the bringer of news and revealer of secrets in Afro-Caribbean lore. Among the Yanomami people of the Amazonian basin, parrot feathers are particularly prized for their healing and protective properties. The feathers are often attached to arrows and sent into the skies, requesting healing from the deities and abundance for the village.

Connecting with Parrot Medicine

The parrot, being connected with goddesses of love and beauty, speaks to the feminine side of our natures. Give some more attention to your inner goddess (or god) and do something to enhance your appearance. This will give your confidence a boost and allow you to shine a little brighter.

Wearing bright colors will also raise the vibration of your entire being and bring you closer to the parrot's wisdom.

Color can have a very profound effect on the psyche, often on a subconscious level.

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