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Steven Richards - Levitation - The Siva Samhita, Mouni Sadhu and Lenormant



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Levitation – Steven Richards

…… the Siva Samhita says that three chakras are involved in levitation: the Muladhara, the Anahat, and the Ajna.

The Muladhara is located at the base of the spine, and the Ajna between the eyebrows, whereas the Anahat is located in the chest, in the vicinity of the heart.

To clairvoyants, these chakras appear to be swirling wheels of pure energy. In fact, the word 'chakra' literally means 'wheel'. They are centres at which certain occult energies in the human body are collected and concentrated. Properly aroused, they can produce extraordinary results.

One technique for properly arousing them is chanting. In The Tarot Mouni Sadhu says of the fakirs that some of them 'have been able to raise themselves into the air for some time, just by the use of a certain sound, while being under special nervous tension. In other words, the fact, well known to occultists, of influencing matter by nervous force, is at work here.'

The 'certain sounds' Mouni Sadhu refers to here are called mantras. The word is Sanskrit, and according to Bloomfield, means 'instrument of thought'. The Egyptians called them the hekau, the ‘words of power'.

Lenormant speculates that the ancient Egyptians used these hekau to 'levitate' the great stone blocks of the pyramids into place.  He points out that with the machinery that was available in ancient times (or our times, for that matter) it would have been impossible to transport these blocks from distant quarries to where the Pyramids were located within any reasonable period of time, and it would also have been impossible to seat them as accurately as they were seated. Impossible, that is, unless some occult forces were at work.

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