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Snell, Joy – Ministry of Angels – The death of her friend Maggie



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Joy Snell – Ministry of Angels

 I awoke one night out of a sound sleep to find the room filled with light, although there was no light burning in it, and standing by my bedside was my dearest girlfriend, Maggie.

 Addressing me by name she said: “I have a secret to tell you. I know that I am going over to the other world before long and I want you to be with me at the last and help to comfort my mother  when I am gone”.

 Before I had sufficiently recovered from my fear and amazement to make any response she vanished and the light slowly faded from the room. I told the dear old Scotch lady what I had seen.

“Trust to the guidance which you will receive”, she said. “If Maggie is to die in your arms, without your seeking, matters will be so arranged that you will be with her at the last”.

A week later I was summoned to my friend’s home. I found her suffering from a feverish cold, but there was nothing in her condition to cause alarm. She had no presentiment of impending death. And it was obvious to me that she had no remembrance of the visit she had paid me in her spirit form.

Therein lies a mystery of which I can suggest no explanation. In the course of my life, I have seen several apparitions of people who were still living on the earth-plane of existence. To some of them I have spoken, and some of them have spoken to me; but subsequently I have always found that they themselves, in the body, had no knowledge or remembrance of such communications with me.

Maggie’s mother was called away to see a sister living at some distance who was seriously ill, and she asked me to stay with her daughter while she was absent. I had been with Maggie only three or four days when, one night, she was suddenly taken very ill. She expired in my arms before the doctor who had been summoned could reach her.

It was the first death that I had witnessed. Immediately after her heart had ceased to beat, I distinctly saw something in appearance like smoke, or steam as it rises from a kettle in which the water is boiling, ascend from her body. This emanation rose only a little distance and there resolved itself into a form like that of my friend who had just died. This form, shadowy at first, gradually changed until it became well defined and clad in a pearly white, cloud-like robe, beneath which the outlines of the figure were distinctly visible.

The face was that of my friend but glorified, with no trace upon it of the spasm of pain which had seized her just before she died.


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Snell, Joy

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