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Saint Stanislaus Kostka – Heat of the Mystic



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The Story of Stanislaus Kostka – Father Goldie

St. Francis de Sales in his book on the Love of God, says,

"Stanislaus was so violently assailed by the love of Our Saviour as often to faint and to suffer spasms in consequence, and he was obliged to apply cloths dipped in cold water to his breast in order to temper the violence of the love he felt."

One day he was found by his Superior walking alone at night time in the little garden which the Novitiate then possessed, when a very bitter cold wind was blowing, and on being asked by the Father Rector what he was doing there, he replied with all simplicity and straightforwardness,

 "l am burning, I am burning,"

as he felt his heart still on fire with the love of God, although his prayer was over.

Stephen Augusti bore witness to the fact that the Socius to the Master of Novices, Father Lelius Sanguigni, had often to bathe his chest to temper the scorching heat.

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