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Romano, Jacques - Healing trauma



Type of Spiritual Experience


Both Jacques and Dr Schwartz were not slow in recognising the healing potential of Jacques approach whether using hypnosis or not in unearthig painful buried perceptions and relearnijg and healing them.  Whether on the spiritual path or not this form of healing was recognised by both of them as an essential part of not just physical but mental healing

A description of the experience

The Jacques Romano Story – Dr Berthold Eric Schwartz

Almost all the material appeared to be related to areas of emotional significance to the subject. Except for scientific purposes, it would be uncalled for, and perhaps medically ill-advised, to obtain the facts about the associated events which were often emotionally upsetting and potentially dangerous to the patient's health.

The data were frequently concerned with serious bodily illness, deformities, and secrets that the subject had either forgotten or, understandably, preferred to keep to himself. Such "brain picking" in a captive audience would appear to depend in some measure upon their cooperation and, since most of the subjects did not necessarily understand the potential (unconscious) significance of the information, the matter could not be pushed to its logical end without careful psychiatric examination of each subject.

There was often so much disguise and distortion that, if the subject were consciously aware of all the material and could openly divulge it, there would still exist the distortions arising from personal blind spots which could only be uncovered by many hours of intensive psychiatric examination.

Certainly, without all the necessary data from each subject, it would be difficult to see how the superficial or consciously reported information could be rigidly scrutinized, from a mathematical point of view.

If criteria could be established, it might be wondered how all the data could be numerically appraised and then how mathematical measures could be applied to the myriad complex elaborations and distortions of the original event, and the consciously and unconsciously denied, painful, often shameful past life experiences.

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Romano, Jacques

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