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Really bad hallucinations which started while he was in the Navy



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I used to have pre and post sleep hallucinations really bad. They started while I was in the Navy. They were no doubt caused by stress and lack of sleep. I've been out for two years now, but I still have them now and again.

What I have found, and this works every time I do it, is to remind myself exactly what it is that is going on. While going to sleep, just keep in your mind that nothing paranormal is going on. Remember all of these posts, and remember that you are not being haunted, and that you are not crazy. If you keep this in your mind, I really think it will help. As I said, it works for me every time.

Also, don't use the internet, watch TV, or play video games before you go to bed. That's a sure fire way of making your brain do weird stuff while you sleep. Try reading yourself to sleep (not Goosebumps, that won't help with nightmares.) Hope this helps at least one person. I know how distressing it can be. It really is very problematic for leading a healthy lifestyle. Hang in there, guys!


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