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Osty, Dr Eugene - Supernormal faculties in Man – Mme Morel describes the chicanery of an unfaithful and dishonest husband



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Supernormal faculties in Man- Dr Eugene Osty

In 1916 count X. left for South America with a power-of-attorney from his wife authorizing him to sell her property. For two years the countess, who had remained in France, heard from her husband regularly. He said that he was unexpectedly detained by the difficulties in the transactions.

But from January, 1918, the 1etters ceased, and the silence produced anxiety in the first place, and then apprehension. Dreading some great misfortune, Mme de X. desired to try what metagnomy would reveal. She was taken to Mme Morel, into whose hands, under hypnosis, she gave a letter from her husband asking what could be told of his health. The percipient said,

 "I see this person, a rather tall gentleman, big, getting grey-, hair-nearly white. . -. . He is married to- you . . you are .uneasy about him . there is no need to be . . he is- quite well. "

“Please tell me where he is now."

"Not far off, I see him in this town, in Paris. . . .”

Mme de X. wished to hear no more. She had the percipient awakened, saying she could get nothing from her. Eight days later Mme de X. tried again, with another letter of more recent date, which she thought might improve conditions. Mme Morel still said,

"I tell you that this gentleman is in this town. He has been far away, beyond sea, but has returned some time ago. I repeat, he is here."

Mme de X., without experience of metagnomic subjects, thought this must be wrong and asked no more. She cabled to one of her family in South America, and received the reply that the Count had left for France some months before. Much astonished, she made inquiries and learned that her husband was living in Paris at a certain address and. under conditions exactly described.

Very much hurt, she began proceedings for a separation, employing Mr. Ch. as her lawyer. The suit remained unheard for two years for lack of written or tangible evidence. During -this time, count, X., quite at ease as to the lawsuit, enjoyed a luxurious life on the proceeds of the joint income, allotting to his wife who refused to live with him, a relatively small sum.

Mr. Ch. advised his client to abandon a suit which could lead to nothing, and could not understand her obstinacy in keeping open pleas that could end in nothing. The distinguished lawyer did not know that his client's motive was not only wounded pride. Having become over-confident in the accuracy of Mme Morel's visions, she took counsel from her metagnomic faculty every week, and always received the prediction :

"You will win your suit . . . it may take some time, but you will certainly .regain your property when you are free, for judgment will be given-in your favour. .-. . At the last moment, when all seems lost, proof of your husband's infidelity will be brought to you . . a packet of letters, by a woman; like a servant. You will do nothing towards getting them, they will be brought to you."

Weeks followed without the-prediction being realized. Mme de X. lost hope. Her husband was so sure that the suit must fail that he returned to South America on his own business. During this voyage things took an entirely different turn. Besides the conjugal residence, Count X. had a second establishment, where, before and after his marriage, he had a mistress. This woman disappeared from his life, but he kept on the rooms and the servant who cleaned them. During her master's absence she ferreted in the furniture and found a bundle of letters written by the Count to his mistress fifteen years before. She thought to make a profit out of these, took them to the Countess, saying "I know that you cannot succeed in your suit, and here are some letters that will be useful to you."

 Mme de X. and her lawyer looked through the letters, which contained more than was needed to convince the judge of the husband's dereliction. The suit was pressed, and ended with a judicial separation.

 Count X. was amazed at the unexpected issue. He had no recollection of the old letters, which he thought had been destroyed long ago. He was, on that day at least, a chivalrous gamester. He went to Mme Morel and said, “Without intending it you have been my mortal enemy. You have ruined me ; but all the same, I congratulate you."

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Osty, Dr Eugene

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