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Online Libraries Know More Than Your Friends Amanitas - A. muscaria by FourOaks



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This may have been a near death

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Online Libraries Know More Than Your Friends

Amanitas - A. muscaria

by FourOaks

Citation:   FourOaks. "Online Libraries Know More Than Your Friends: An Experience with Amanitas - A. muscaria (ID 42486)". Erowid.org. Oct 29, 2006. erowid.org/exp/42486



DOSE: T+ 0:00

18 g


Amanitas - A. muscaria

(plant material)

  T+ 0:00

1 bowl



(plant material)

  T+ 1:30

2 bowls



(plant material)



190 lb

Amanitas Muscaria had started creeping into our discussions a few months prior to this experience. One member of our group had done it, but had stressed how important it was to get enough in you for any sort of psychoactive effect. I purchased 2 oz from an online reseller and this friend though that I should eat the entire thing for a desired effect. This would have been a tremendous mistake.

Three of us were going to partake (Me, C, and T), while our sitter was just going to smoke cannabis (TF). I divided the amounts up equally with use of a food scale, meaning each of us had 18 grams to ingest, and we went downstairs to watch The Wall and eat the Amanitas.

The house was dirtier than normal, and I actually had a plan to get up the next the day and clean it, but it weighed on my mind slightly. I was feeling very excited about doing this with some friends, as I had been looking forward to it for a long time. We settled into the couch and adjoining kitchen chair brought down, loaded a small bowl of cannabis, and started eating.

I finished mine within about ten minutes, but it took another party member forty minutes to fully eat his. Within ten minutes of full ingestion (while passing around the pipe) C and I both were observing strangeness that could have been the excitement but seemed more than that. I started to get very talkative at t + 0:20, and by t + 0:40 I was having rubbery legs, fully body buzz, and my mind was starting to go faster.

We paused the movie as the other three went outside for a cigarette. I joined them outside, and had some extreme difficulty walking. Sometimes, when I would take a step, a giant pulse would race through my body starting at my foot. It was more sudden than uncomfortable, but each time I would yell, and a couple of times I actually fell due to its intensity.

During this I started to have the beginning of something that would ultimately define the evening for me. As my mind started racing, I noticed faintly that I was thinking about two things at once, and could switch back and forth very quickly. The best way to describe it is that my brain was operating in a dual processor mode, but I could only 'use' one processor at a time. I could only know what one 'thread' of my brain was doing at any instant. This was mildly amusing for a few minutes, but I easily switched back to using just one thread.

We went back downstairs, watched The Wall a little more but then decided it was getting too intense so we switched to some Family Guy. Normally I would be laughing and getting into it, but I didn't even want to look at the TV. I had a pen and a notebook and was focused on writing, determined to record the come up experience but looking back I had mostly scribbles, and about a page of basic arithmetic doing the math to determine how many grams of Amanitas we had ingested, as my scale did not have the metric system on it. The cartoon in the background seemed to get more and more obtrusive, for no real reason. I turned my chair away, but even that wasn't enough.

At about t + 1:30 is where things get weird. Up to that time we had smoked two more bowls of cannabis. We decided to go back upstairs and here is where my timeline stops. I recall going outside on the deck with them while they smoked cigarettes. At this point, I all of a sudden lost control of my brain -- was rapidly switching back and forth between my 'processors', and this had some strange effects. All of my perception and thought was limited to about 1/4-1/2 second chunks, meaning that I could not complete anything that made sense. I started talking, and while they said it was gibberish, I was actually having two separate conversations with them, with each one occurring about 1/4 to 1/2 second apart. In some cases I was actually splitting words, to finish them 1/2 second later when my brain resumed that conversation.

This also affected my vision. Every 1/4 to 1/2 second my vision would jerk around, and objects would appear quite distorted for an instant. This made moving around extremely difficult, and my balance was way off. I lay on the floor, and started listening to the music that was playing. At this time, the speed of my thought switching increased. It was getting closer to 1/8 second and faster, until I was basically incoherent, babbling, but feeling my body get pulled forward. I felt sucked into some space in front of me -- my house lost all meaning, location lost all meaning. I was focused on this incredible rush forward.

I sat and experienced this for what seemed like hours, and then felt like I was normal. I opened my eyes, and everyone was around me. I thought that hours must have passed, and I asked what time it was. My friends looked at me, though I couldn't discern the details of their faces or my surroundings, other than I knew that I was in my house. I tried to say it again and listened to what I had said -- it was pure gibberish. I managed, by extreme focus, to ask the time and I had discovered that about ten minutes had passed. Within a minute, the rapid thought switching resumed and I was back to rushing higher.

This cycle repeated a few times, until about T + 3:00 (+ or - 0:30.I am reconstructing this with the help of my friends who witnesses it). Then, I remember coming out of it and hearing my friends discuss that they were planning on leaving later, but how would they have someone come check on me? There was talk of the hospital, and this fear began to grow in me. This fear, combined with the super fast thought switching and huge body rush combined to rise to this very spiritual peak. I reached this peak, and told everyone that it would be okay, we would all be okay, and was just ecstatic. I felt like I was on the same plane as Nordic gods and would shortly be hanging out with them. These words hardly do the feeling justice. It was as if I had discovered the most important thing in my life and was getting to just revel in the beauty and glory of it. I had visual hallucinations, mostly consisting of flying through an amber/yellow tunnel forward as it bent and twisted. I also recall being in a large yellow hall. I have a feeling this was influenced by my reading that Amanitas was probably one of the substances used by the Vikings when they would raid villages and towns.

At t+11:00 I woke up. Apparently at about T+3:30 I had passed out in my bed, and they left at T+4:00. My dreams through the night were focused on whether or not I would wake up, and when I finally did, I was happy, but extremely confused. Pieces came back to me as I woke up, and a few hours later I talked to my friends who filled in the blanks.

I probably would have had a very good time with this had I been able to experience more and remember more. I had done research online, and most recommended starting doses in the 5g range. An 18g dose would be considered pretty powerful, and I was not ready for it, but I gave a lot of credit to a friend who is very experienced, but can't be as experienced as the collected knowledge online.

I will definitely try this again, but will probably go for around an 8-10g dose. I would rather have that be too low and build from that rather than risk having another experience that, while intense, was for the large part unremarkable because I can't remember most of it! The parts I remember were very interesting, and I would like to be able to explore some things (the yellow themed hall, for example) a little further without passing out.


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