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Mr Everard Calthorp - The Horse as Comrade and Friend - The death of the horse ‘Windermere’



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extracted from Light, 1921, page 187. The reporter is Mr. F.W. Percival.  Also in Professor Ernesto Bozzano - The parapsychological manifestations of animals - 130 cases proving animal mediumistic abilities

Mr. Everard Calthorp, a great breeder of thoroughbred horses in his book entitled: The Horse as Comrade and Friend, recounts that a few years ago he owned a magnificent mare called "Windermere", to which he was deeply attached and which repaid him with a friendship that would give the case presented here a truly emotional character. Unfortunately, the mare drowned in a pond near Mr. Calthorp's farm, thus exposing the emotions he felt at that tragic moment:

At 3:20 a.m. on March 18, 1913, I woke up with a sudden jolt from a deep sleep, not because of any noise or neighing, but because of a call for help from my mare "Windermere", I don't know how she was transmitting this to me. I listened, there was no noise in the calm night. But as soon as I was fully awake, I felt in my mind, in my nerves, the desperate call of my mare. I learned that she was in extreme danger and was calling for an immediate helper. I dressed in an overcoat, put on my boots, opened the door and ran into the park.

There was no neighing or moaning, but I knew, in an incomprehensible and prodigious way, on which side I was getting this "wireless telegraphy" signal; although the signal was rapidly weakening. As soon as I left, I realized with terror that the signal was coming from the side of the pond. I ran, I ran, but I felt that the vibrational waves of "wireless telegraphy" were resonating ever weaker in my brain. By the time I reached the jump from the pond, they had stopped. As I looked at the surface of the water, I noticed that it was still wrinkled by small concentric waves that reached the shore. In the middle of the pond I saw a black mass that was becoming eerily clear at the first light of dawn. I understood as soon as I saw that this was the body of my poor "Windermere", and that unfortunately I had responded too late to her call: she was dead.


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