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Monroe, Robert - The rubbery elasticity of the other body



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Journeys out of the body – Robert Monroe

9/16/60 Afternoon

I was out of the physical, again on a Saturday, trying to keep "local," i.e., staying in the same room. Again I noticed the strange rubbery elasticity of this other body.

l could stand in the middle of the room and reach out to touch the wall some eight feet away. At first, my arm didn't come anywhere near the wall. Then I kept pushing my hand outward, and suddenly the texture of the wall was against my hand.

Just by pushing out, my arm had stretched to twice its length without my noticing anything different. 

When I relaxed the pushing out, the arm came back and seemed normal. This confirms the other evidence that you can make it just about whatever shape you think of, consciously or unconsciously.  If left alone, it reverts to your normal humanoid shape. If you consciously think it into a given shape, I suspect you take that form.

You might convert temporarily into the shape of , for example, a cat or a dog. Could this be the source of the werewolf and vampire bat mythology? I'm not so sure I want to give it a try.

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Monroe, Robert

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