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Middleton, Lorna - Expresses concern about Apollo XIII



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Premonitions:  A leap into the Future – Herbert B Greenhouse

In Chicago, New York, and London three psychics had a "feeling" about Apollo XIII.

On the morning of April 13, 1970, I received a letter from Lorna Middleton written five hours before the oxygen tank in the service module exploded.

"I have what I call my 'flat feeling' about this . . . I feel no success about this venture, only grimness ."

Since Miss Middleton had predicted the success of the three Apollo moon-landing projects (XI, XII, and XIV), her concern about Apollo XIII takes on added significance.

Four months earlier in January, 1970, a Chicago psychic named Ruth Zimmerman said that there would be a

“a cry for help from outer space."

The cry came on April 13th when Mission control heard astronaut John L. Swigert, Jr call out, "Hey, we've got a problem!"

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Middleton, Lorna

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