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Medicinal plants in a Middle Paleolithic grave Shanidar IV



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J Ethnopharmacol. 1992 Jan;35(3):263-6.  Medicinal plants in a Middle Paleolithic grave Shanidar IV?

Lietava J1.

This paper deals with phytopharmacological evaluation of the therapeutic potential of the plants found in the Neanderthal grave of a Shanidar IV individual (Iraq), where the palynological analysis of some other authors discovered the following flowers: Achillea-type, Centaurea solstitialis, Senecio-type, Muscari-type, Ephedra altissima, Althea-type. The purpose of our theoretical analysis was to evaluate the objective healing activity of the flowers. The result of the research revealed that Shanidar IV flowers possess considerable therapeutic effects with marked medical activity, which could be an intentional reason for the selection of the flowers in Middle Paleolithic Shanidar Neanderthals.

PMID: 1548898


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