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Khusrau, Amir - Ghazal 467



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Ghazal 467: chi khush subhi damid imshab az ru-yi yar-i khud

What a fine dawn broke tonight
from my lover's face! This early spring
refreshed the garden of my life.
Praise God! Fortune's field bore fruit,
and nothing my eyes rained down
upon my days has gone to waste.

'Was separation the Judgement Day?
So it seems to me. When it came to an end,
I saw the door of paradise open
upon her exquisite face, and now
that I know nothing of my countless pains,
I can give my friends no account
of my one-time sorrows. My heart and soul,
how they agonized over me
during our separation. Now I show
them her face and I put them both to shame.

I rubbed my eyes all night against
my lover's feet; for once my eyes
were soothed, though surely her feet ached.

What luck it is, what good fortune
when an unfortunate like me
gazes on a sweetheart like you!
I am amazed by what I've done.
You bestowed two kisses on me,
and I swooned with the very first.
Let's start again, for I've lost count.

I go now, but from time to time
you will stub your toe on me,
because of all the dust I leave
as a memorial in your street.

What you declaim so publicly,
Khusrau, is a dream. Where did you doze off
to see things like this around you?

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Khusrau, Amir

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Judgement Day

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