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Joseph of Cupertino - Ascends to the ceiling with the crockery



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Frequently he would be raised from his feet and remain suspended in the air.  Besides he would at times hear heavenly music.

Since such occurrences in public caused much admiration and also disturbance in a community, Joseph for thirty-five years was not allowed to attend choir, go to the common refectory, walk in procession or say Mass in church, but was ordered to remain in his room, where a private chapel was prepared for him.

Evil-minded and envious men even brought him before the Inquisition, and he was sent from one lonely house of the Capuchins or Franciscans to another, but Joseph retained his resigned and joyous spirit, submitting confidently to Divine Providence.

Saint Joseph of Cupertino
illustration from "Les Petites
Bollandistes: Vies de Saints",
by Paul Guerin 1882

Autobiography of a yoga – Paramahansa Yogananda

Among levitating saints of the Christian world was the 17th century St Joseph of Cupertino. His feats received ample attestation from eyewitnesses.  St Joseph exhibited a worldly absentmindedness that was really a divine recollectedness. 

His monastery brothers could not permit him to serve at the common table, lest he ascend to the ceiling with the crockery.

The saint indeed, was uniquely disqualified for earthly duties by his inability to remain, for any long period, on the earth.

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Joseph of Cupertino

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