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Jami - The Three Diwans



Type of Spiritual Experience


In the following few lines, Jami states his purpose for composing his diwans and
sums up their contents.

Jami's diwan consists of more ghazals (1,804 of them with 13,015 couplets) than other genres because in the fifteenth century poetry ghazal was more popular. The contents of these ghazals are love lyrics that express Sufi mysticism.

They also include praise or advice for the rulers or satire about people who are after worldly gains, and
scorn for people who pretend to be pious.

Jami points out that in his work, there is no praise or tribute for low, base peoples, and if there are a few for the rulers, they are in response to requests, not for flattery and pleasantry. Jami notes that if one reads his words carefully, one will not think that his praise is out of his need or due to greed

A description of the experience

هست ديوان شعر من اکثر
غزل عاشقان شيدايی
يا فنون نصايح است و حکم
منبعث از شعور و دانايی
ذکر دونان نيابی اندر وی
کان بود نقد عمر فرسايی
مدح شاهان در او به استدعاست
نه ز خوش خاطری و خودرايی
امتحان را اگر ز سر تا پاش
بر روی صد ره و فرود آيی
زان مدايح به خاطرت نرسد
معنی حرص و آز پيمايی
هيچ جا نبود آن مدايح را
در عقب ، قطعۀ تقاضايی
My poetry is mostly
Love lyrics of insane lovers.
Or it is advice and wise sayings
This is emitted (diffused) from feeling and wisdom.
You’ll not find any references to low ones,
Because, that would be wasting life.
Eulogy for the kings is upon their request,
Not because of my own wishes or sweet thoughts about them.
If you examine the work, from the beginning to the end,
Going through it a hundred times and come back.
From those praises it won’t come to your mind,
They are out of greed or cupidity.
In no where, from those praises,
I demanded anything after composing them.

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