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Hellstrom, Eva - Prophecy of an explosion in a tunnel under a building at Nacka, Sweden in 1951



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Herbert B Greenhouse – Premonitions:  A leap into the Future


On November 5th 1951, Mrs Hellstrom dreamed in colour of an explosion with such a strong character of reality that she was certain it was a precognitive dream

I was travelling on a train towards Saltsjobaden … at the station, where I stepped off, there was a crowd and there had been an accident. Something was burning, which looked like a kind of kiln . . . It smoked and glowed. They said that a laborer had been trapped in the kiln. After awhile I saw some workmen coming past carrying a stretcher with a wounded man . . . t think he had something covering him.
I wondered if he was dead. The dream was in colour. I remember the red glow and it was dark, so it must have been late in the evening or at night.

On December 11th, 1951, this entry in Mrs. Hellstrom's diary was witnessed by a prominent physician in Stockholm who prefers to remain anonymous:

The above record of a dream was told me by Mrs. Hellstrom. The details I do not remember so clearly, but this written record have I read this day.

On Thursday, November 20th , 1952-after Mrs. Hellstrom had pondered her dream for a year-she clipped an article from her morning newspaper about an explosion in a tunnel under a building at Nacka, a station on the railway line she had dreamed about. The headlines in the evening newspapers of November 19th  read:

Tunnel Disaster at Nacka. Labourer Trapped Behind the Rocks. Workmen Try to Save Doomed Man.  Explosion in Rocks at Nacka. Labourer Killed in Tunnel.  Severely Injured Men Crawl Out of Sea of Fire.

The explosion was caused by a charge of blasting powder that had gone off too soon. A news article stated:

"To the very last, one hoped to find him (the labourer) alive behind the stone barrier. Oxygen was pumped in between the stones to make it easier for him to breathe."

Mrs. Hellstrom writes: "This seems to be the moment in the dream-when I came into the story."

The article further states that "there was a thick, almost impenetrable smoke filling the tunnel . . . During the rescue work the violent blows with the spits on the walls in the rock produced small intense flashes" calling to mind Mrs. Hellstrom's dream about a "kind of kiln", "smoke," and a "red glow," She had assumed that it was night.

Although the actual accident happened in the middle of the day, the electric lines had been destroyed and the explosion occurred in the darkest part of the tunnel.

Mrs. Hellstrom writes that she had a “strong feeling of being present on the spot after travelling on the train." In the dream she caught a' glimpse of a friend who was living in the area and who may have been her emotional link to the disaster.

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Hellstrom, Eva

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