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Hellstrom, Eva - Prophecy of a fatal fall at Vartan, a harbour in Stockholm, in 1952



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One of the things Greenhouse missed in this account was the sentence ‘I saw him floating in the air’.  It begs the question did he have an OBE before he died?

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Herbert B Greenhouse – Premonitions:  A leap into the Future


This dream of a fatal accident was so vivid that when Mrs. Hellstrom woke up she had an immediate feeling that it was precognitive.

August 5, 1952.I dreamed that I was walking on something that looked like a flat roof, perhaps with a low barrier. I saw a man fall down from the roof.  I saw him floating in the air.  He died. The building was high, made of stone.
Wasn't quite sure but I imagined that there was somebody else . . . who perhaps may have pushed him down. . .

Mrs. Hellstrom's husband, to whom she showed her entry in the diary, then added:

Correctly copied from the diary, we certify:

Bo Hellstrom

On December 8, 1952, five months later, Mrs. Hellstrom learned that a man had fallen from a high roof at the gasworks at Vartan, a harbor in Stockholm, and was so badly injured it was doubtful that he would recover.  The curate asked Mrs. Hellstrom to lead prayers for the man's recovery. He died the next morning.

The police report said that "the roof of the coke-conveyor was flat" as in the dream. A kind of scaffolding was visible in the picture of the building, similar to the "low barrier" in the dream. The picture also showed that the building was a brick house about twenty meters or sixty-five feet high.

Although Mrs. Hellstrom had a feeling in the dream that the man was pushed, the police report said that he had struck his head on the roof and as he fell, a board fell on top of his body. …, Mrs. Hellstrom thus made the wrong inference as she watched the man fall in her dream.

There was an emotional link that may have motivated the dream. Although Mrs. Hellstrom had never seen or heard of the man before, the curate who asked her to lead prayers for him knew the parish nurse to whom he was engaged. And Mrs. Hellstrom may have sensed that she would be asked to lead the prayers.

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Hellstrom, Eva

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