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Eusevgny Faygdish - Mystic Cosmos - Baptism and 'born again' the old Christian way



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Here's something for all those' born again' Christians to think about.


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The Mystic Cosmos - Eusevgny Faydysh

We have already mentioned the importance of preliminary purifying and transformation for successful and safe journey to subtle reality. Now we will look at this closer. In ancient tradition both preparation and initiation played a significant role and not anybody could successfully go through all preliminary stages which often took many years. However, the preliminary stages themselves and their sequence were very much alike. The sense of the whole process can be shortly described as symbolic death, destruction of the old Self and the birth in the new more harmonic and purified condition.

For example, in early Christian communities during baptising the initiated person was put into water and kept there until he or she stopped moving (that was clinic death). Then the person was brought back to life and given a new name as a new born person liberated from the burden of past whose state had a new quality (was transformed).

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