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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Ernesto Bozzano, Professor - The parapsychological manifestations of animals – 31 Miss Denton and her dog see a ghost



Type of Spiritual Experience


Number of hallucinations: 2


NOTES on this case by Professor Ernesto Bozzano

In this example, the dog's agitation and fright may seem inconclusive from our particular point of view, compared to the animal expression, which is infinitely more demonstrative in so many other moments of the same kind. Nevertheless, in this case, there is the eloquent fact that the animal is suddenly seized with horror at 2 o'clock in the morning, i.e. at the exact time when the haunting manifested in this place. Considering this fact, it does not seem logical to avoid the conclusion that the dog had correctly perceived the ghost manifested at that time in the room. The fact that it was there without Miss Denton's knowledge, asleep, increases the probative value of the manifestation, of which the animal was the first percipient.

A description of the experience

Professor Ernesto Bozzano - The parapsychological manifestations of animals - 130 cases proving animal mediumistic abilities

Case 86. - (Collective visual.) - I extract it from the Journal of the S.P.R., vol. XIV, p. 378. Reverend H. Northcote sends a report on a case of haunting studied by himself and which occurred in the home of a family of his friends. It was a man's ghost that appeared constantly in the same room at the same time of night and was seen independently by several people, one of whom knew nothing of what the other had seen. One day, the Clemsford family, who were staying in this house, gave hospitality to Miss Denton, who was accommodated in the haunted room. Miss Denton tells the story:

The very night that I arrived, I went to bed quite late and I slept very badly... I didn't pay any attention to it, attributing it to excessive fatigue and changing the bed. But on the second night, the same thing happened to me, and around 3 o'clock, I was surprised to see an opaque, slightly bright mass at the foot of the bed.

At first I thought it was a reflection of light from the window. But this mass gradually took on a shape and eventually turned into a very tall man who remained motionless for a while - which seemed very long lasting to me, although it could only be a few seconds - and then walked through the room and disappeared into a wardrobe. On the third night, to my great fear I watched the same manifestation, so the next day I had to ask my friends to let their dogs sleep in my room because I had 'heard mice'.

My desire was immediately satisfied; so, on the fourth night I went to bed feeling reassured and calm. The dog squatted on the berth I had provided for him on a chair, and I soon fell asleep deeply.

Around 2:00 a. m., I was woken up by the dog's moans. I saw that it had been waking up and circling the room, continuing its complaints. At the same time, at the foot of the bed I saw the ghost of my night visitor. Once again in great fear, I began to shout at him: "Go away! Go away!"...

On another night, after about 18 days in Clemsford's house, the ghost appeared to me as if it were fire, like a figure illuminated by light, in which the features of the face and the main lines of the body emerge with a sinister glow.

My terror was such that I finally decided to do something about it, not wanting to live in this room anymore. I had a conversation on this subject at lunch, asking if anyone in the house had ever seen a ghost in the room where I was sleeping: at the same time, I described the figure I had seen.

My shock was very sharp when I was told that my description corresponded exactly to the appearance of the ghost seen in that room, and at the same time, by Mr. and Mrs. Clemsford. Of course, I didn't sleep in this room anymore....

The source of the experience

Bozzano, Professor Ernesto

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