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Ernesto Bozzano, Professor - The parapsychological manifestations of animals – 28 The dog died at 8:30 in the evening. Its old master followed it into the afterlife at 10:00 a. m



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It would seem that dogs can suffer great grief as well.

A description of the experience

Professor Ernesto Bozzano - The parapsychological manifestations of animals - 130 cases proving animal mediumistic abilities

Case 76. - Mr William Ford, residing in Reading England, writes in the following terms in Light, 1921, p. 569:

In my youth, I owned a short-tailed, crossbred sheepdog that I had trained to group and guide sheep and oxen. We spent many happy days together on our father's farm. The day came when business forced me to leave the house and my dog was given to an old farmer living near Maidstone. Soon this old man and the dog became inseparable companions. Wherever man went, the animal followed him. This tender friendship continued for three years.

One morning, the old farmer did not get up at the usual time and his son went to see what this violation of paternal habits could mean. The old man, with the greatest calm, announced that his time had arrived and asked that the dog, which he wanted to see again before he died, be brought to him.

The son tried to persuade his father that these statements were only the product of a gloomy fantasy, but as his insistence upset the old man, he went to get the dog and brought it to him. As soon as the animal was in the room, he jumped on the bed and greeted his old master.

After that, it retreated to a corner and started howling miserably. They took it away, scolded it, stroked it. Nothing could comfort or silence it. In the end, it withdrew to its kennel, where, suffering from such a deep and desperate exhaustion, it died at 8:30 in the evening. Its old master followed it into the afterlife at 10:00 a. m.

Ten years later, I was attending a group conducting private experiments. At one point, the medium had a jolt. He was asked what he had seen and replied,

I thought I saw a bear; it was just a dog. He jumped into the circle, leaned against Mr. Ford's knees with its forelegs and licked them".

Then the medium gave a detailed description of the dog that had appeared, it absolutely matched that of my sheepdog. The medium concluded by saying: "He had a face that seemed to smile". This detail also adapted well to my dog.

As for me, I have no doubt about the identity of the animal that appeared.

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Bozzano, Professor Ernesto

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