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Ernesto Bozzano, Professor - The parapsychological manifestations of animals – 27 Presentiment of death manifested by the dog



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NOTES by Professor Ernesto Bozzano

 In this case, the premonition of death refers to a child who appears healthy, whose behaviour does not suggest anything about the fatal consequences of the fall a few hours earlier, so that the family has no concern about it. It follows that the presentiment of death manifested by the dog seems, in this circumstance, remarkable.


A description of the experience

Professor Ernesto Bozzano - The parapsychological manifestations of animals - 130 cases proving animal mediumistic abilities

Case 72. - This case is recorded in Robert Dale Owen's The Debatable Land, p. 282. The author writes that for more than thirty years, he has been a close friend of the family in which the fact, that he is going to exhibit, has been taken place, after which he continues by saying:

Miss Haas, then in her twenties, had a two-year-old brother, who owned a small dog, his constant companion, whom he loved very much and who was also very attached to him. It seemed like he was looking after him with paternal care...

One day while the baby was running all over the place, in the living room, he hit the rug with one foot and fell. His sister ran up, lifted him up and, by caressing him, she managed to calm his tears. However, at lunchtime, the parents noticed that the baby was reaching out his left hand, instead of his right. They found that he was not in a condition to move the latter.

Camphoric alcohol was rubbed into the sick arm without the child complaining about anything, and the child was seated at the table again. Suddenly, the little dog approached the baby's chair and starts howling in a plaintive and unconventional way. We tried to keep him away, but he kept howling from the adjoining room. So we get him out of the house by moving him into the garden. He positioned himself under the child's window, resuming his howling, with short intervals of respite, and thus continuing throughout the night, despite the attempts made to drive him away.

On the evening of that same day, the little boy fell seriously ill as a result of his fall and then died gravely in the night at one o'clock in the morning. While he was alive, the dog's infinitely sad howling was renewed at short intervals. When the baby died, the dog stopped howling, and did not resume it again, neither then nor later.


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Bozzano, Professor Ernesto

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