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Ernesto Bozzano, Professor - The parapsychological manifestations of animals – 23 M.-G. Llewellyn and his terrified cat Fluff see a ghost



Type of Spiritual Experience


Number of hallucinations: 2


NOTES by Professor Ernesto Bozzano on this case

I would first like to point out that the extraordinary terror shown by the cat does not necessarily lead us to believe that he has seen something horrible. There are many examples that show that animals are irresistibly frightened in the presence of any ghost, even an absolutely angelic one. What determines their terror is the instinctive intuition that they are facing a supernormal phenomenon.

As for the phenomenon of wandering luminosity that Mr. Llewellyn had previously observed, it serves to support the supernormal origin of the apparition as perceived by the animal. It shows that during that night and in that place, there were really supernormal manifestations of which a cat and its master were the spectators, in a different way. We have said that this difference in perceptions, very common in special perceptual idiosyncrasies, according to which the same supernormal manifestation may not affect a person's mentality in a visual form, but may be partially transmissible to him in an auditory, tactile, olfactory, emotional form. Indeed, these are only different modes under which the same telepathic-spiritistic impulse can be transformed, which, in any way, in order to pass from subconsciousness to consciousness, can only follow the "path of least resistance" traced by the sensory idiosyncrasies specific to each of the percipients.

A description of the experience

Professor Ernesto Bozzano - The parapsychological manifestations of animals - 130 cases proving animal mediumistic abilities

Case 57. - (Collective visual, with difference in perceptions.) - It appears in the Annals of Psychic Sciences, 1911, page 55.

M. M.-G. Llewellyn, a well-known English writer, begins by warning readers that he is not a spiritualist and that he knows nothing about spiritualism. He has never attended psychic séances, he has never read books or magazines dealing with these issues, until recently. However, he has been assured, from different parties, that he is a "sensitive" person. After these premises, he continues:

One night, which I will never forget, I was in my ordinary state of health, very quiet. I had recently had sex and I was in that sweet state of mind that is the half-sleep. The room remained in complete darkness, since I had turned off the electric light and pulled the large, thick curtains that covered two big windows. My little cat, who was still sleeping on my bed, was there as usual, and rested peacefully.

While I was staying there, with my eyes half closed, I saw, suddenly appearing at the top of the wall, on the right (the side where I was turned), a long line of light, of a bright charming blue colour. It was moving in the direction to the right window, and I watched it with a fascinated eye.

"How strange! - I thought. I've never seen moonlight enter this way when the curtains are closed and then it is blue that is not moonlight - it moves in a strange way!... What can it be?... But, of course, it must be moonlight, and maybe there are clouds passing over the moon."

The light of blue colour that I had never seen before and that I have not seen since then, continued to wander in the room, always on the same side, near the ceiling and I looked stupidly at the top of the door, on which a heavy red curtain hung, as if the light had been able to penetrate a wall!

I then jumped out of bed, opened the curtains and shutters and looked out the window. My astonished gaze met only an impenetrable darkness. No moon, no stars, no light at all! I couldn't see the road or the row of trees there - nothing. The street lanterns are extinguished early in my community, and the darkness was absolute.

"Could it be someone with a lantern or a projector?" I asked, still stunned, when I came back to my bed. I was not afraid of anything and the idea had not occurred to me that there could be something supernatural in all this.

While I was torturing my mind in this way, the cat suddenly jumped down the bed, his fur all spiked, his eyes sparkling, and, with one bound, he was at the door, where he began to scratch the door with rage, while emitting the most appalling screams I have ever heard from an animal. I was a little scared, actually. However, even then, I didn't think of anything supernatural, I only thought that the cat had suddenly gone mad. This new event had made me completely forget the blue light.

The fear of the poor animal was so painful that I took it in my arms and tried to calm it down. All trembling, the little cat hugged me hiding his head and he seemed to be in the grip of the most intense terror. I stroked and cajoled him and he calmed down a little bit, little by little; but to my amazement, he stood on one side of the bed, looking with terror, his eyes blazing, his fur became spiky again. I could not see anything, yet I am absolutely convinced that the cat was seeing something, nothing could shake my conviction.

Feeling safe in my arms, now that the shock of the horrible spectacle - whatever it was - had passed, poor Fluff stretched his neck and looked down towards the carpet, following the enemy's movements, as if the latter, invisible to me, came and went along the bed, turning in front of the dressing table. The "thing", whatever it was, was on the floor and made no attempt to get on the bed. If "it" had approached us, I'm sure Fluff would have died of fear at that time. I looked in the direction of the cat's gaze, but I could only see the carpet!

Undoubtedly, I must not forget that I saw the blue light while the cat was sleeping. One could suppose that my fear of light was communicated to the cat; but then I had no fear; I even found that it was a natural thing... In any case, whatever the cat have seen must have been a very horrible thing, because Fluff is the quietest, nicest little animal I have ever known. For a long time we even thought he was dumb, since his voice was never heard.


The source of the experience

Bozzano, Professor Ernesto

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