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Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming - Qigong Meditation Embryonic Breathing - Sleep



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Qigong Meditation Embryonic Breathing by Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming

In Chinese medicine, the blood and the Qi are always together.  Where there is blood, there is Qi and where there is Qi, the blood will also be there.  Therefore the term Qi-Xue - Qi-blood - is often used in Chinese medicine.

If we look at our blood circulatory system, we can see that the arteries are located deep underneath the muscles, whilst the veins are situated near the skin's suface.  The colour of the blood is red in the arteries because of the presence of oxygen and its colour is darker red in the veins both because of the absence of this oxygen and the presence of carbon.  This implies that all cell replacement actually happens from inside of the body moving outward. 

This can also offer us a hint that, if we tense more, [or are tense] the blood circulation will be more stagnant and cell replacement will be slower.

We can also conclude that most cell replacement occurs in the night when we are at our most relaxed state during sleep.

This can further lead one to conclude that sleep is essential to healing and longevity

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