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Dawkins, Professor Richard - The God Delusion - Conscience



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This observation is an important balance against those who talk about 'sin' and God as the source of punishment.

It should be clear from the entry on conscience, that the 'God' of religions is not the source of punishment, we are.  We are the source of conscience and that there is only one real moral law -  'don't hurt' or if you prefer 'don't HATE'.

At one time religions expanded on this simple statement with qualifiers that meant the same thing - if you murder someone it is an act of hurt, if you steal from them it is an act of hurt, better judged if you are able to see cause and effect and have been taught how to follow cause and effect chains.

But many religions went way beyond this and used God as a power tool - a means of gaining control though fear.

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Dawkins, Professor Richard

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