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Dahl, Roald - The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar - Visualisation



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The following is actually a joke, but Roald Dahl was well aware of both the technique and the practise needed.

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Roald Dahl – The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

'Because each man has two minds, the conscious and the sub conscious.  The sub-conscious mind is highly concentrated, but the conscious mind, the one everyone uses, is a scattered, unconcentrated thing. 

It is concerning itself with thousands of different items, the things you are seeing around you and the things you are thinking about.  So you must learn to visualise at will one item, one item only, and absolutely nothing else.  If you work hard at this, you should be able to concentrate your mind, your conscious mind, upon any object you select for at least three and a half minutes. 

But that will take fifteen years'

'Fifteen years!!' I cry

 'It may take longer', he says 'Fifteen years is the usual time'

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Dahl, Roald

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