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Crosse, Andrew – Poems – Retribution



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Memorials, Scientific and Literary of Andrew Crosse, the Electrician


"OH thou, who fain would'st wake the slumbering storm
And earth's fair features and her race deform!
Wouldst cleave the mountain, and o'erwhelm the plain,
Roll sea on land, in land engulf the main
Wouldst scourge the elements to mutual fight,
Dissolve all harmony, change day to night!
Wouldst wildly snap the secret links that bind
Each hostile atom in its place confin’d!
O'erturn the balance, scoff at Nature's laws,
And rear a barrier 'twixt effect and cause!
Wrench hope from man, and substitute despair;
No voice to guide him, and no God to spare!

Spirit of Vengeance, in whatever world
Thy faming banner was at first unfurled,
No despot thou, no demon uncontrolled,
Though fierce in carnage,-of unearthly mould!
Howe'er thou rage, whate'er thy fearful skill,
Thou must obey thy mighty Master's will.
Till He unloose, thy hellish power must sleep,
And while thou dreamest, man forget to weep!
But when the dread permission once is past,
Woe to the victim on thy fury cast!

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Crosse, Andrew

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