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Comenius - Didactica Magna - Make sure a logical progression of subjects is taught



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Comenius proposed that teaching should be based on a logical progression of subject matter from simple to more comprehensive concepts.  His classification of the types of school needed was geared towards this aim, people would progress through the schools at their own pace and each school would tackle the subjects in a more ‘demanding’ way, building on the foundations laid by the previous school. 

As a simplified example, once one has learnt to read and write it becomes possible to write essays and read books in general, which can then be used to study other subjects.  Comenius was a follower of his own method.  After studying the works of Bacon and Descartes, he attempted to apply in a systematic manner the principles of thought and of investigation newly formulated by those philosophers, to the organization of education in all its aspects. The summary of this attempt is given in the Didactica Magna.

On a practical note this translates - if learning over life is to be used - to every person seeking to provide education giving a 'pre-requisites' section to their course or book or video.  In other words everyone knows what they need to know before they tackle the course.

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The Great Didactic of John Amos Comenius -  Translated into English by M. W. Keatinge, M.A.1967

All the studies should be so arranged that those which come later may depend on those that have gone before and those which come first may be fixed in mind by those that follow.

Thus, in this natural method  of ours, all that precedes should be the foundation of all that comes after, it is absolutely essential that this foundation be thoroughly laid.

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