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Blyton, Enid - I did see and grasp everything



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Yes THE Enid Blyton

 “Blyton's account demonstrates the propensity of laughing gas to occasionally provide (when dosage and conditions are right) a full-blown psychedelic trip…. but Blyton does not regard her experience as religious or mystical, only “something amazingly produced by the gas’”

A description of the experience

From Enid Blyton – A Biography by Barbara Stoney [1897-1968]

I have had gas many times but only once did I ever experience “presque vu”,_and then it was in one respect different from the things you report in that instead of "almost seeing”,  I did see and grasp everything, or so I thought - and then lost it. This is what happened. I have never forgotten it and its extraordinary clarity has always remained with me.

I found myself (apparently bodiless but still firmly myself) being drawn through space at a speed so great that I thought I must be going at the pace of light itself. I seemed to go through vibrating waves of light, and thought that I must be passing many suns and many universes. (I love astronomy, hence my suppositions, I suppose).

Finally, after a long, incredibly long journey in an incredibly short time I arrived somewhere. This Somewhere was, as far as I could make out, in my dazed and amazed state, a place of wonderful light (not daylight or sunlight)-and I saw, or knew, that there were Beings there - no shape, nothing tangible-but I knew they were great and holy and ineffable. Then I knew I was going to hear the secret of Everything-and Everything was explained to me, simply and with the utmost lucidity.

I was overjoyed -filled with wonder and delight. I knew the reasons behind existence, time, space, evil, goodness, pain - and I rejoiced, and marvelled that no one had guessed such things before. Then I knew I must go back to my body, wherever it was, through all the long eras of time and vastness of space, and as I left in sorrow, my spirit cried out, or seemed to cry out "Let me tell everyone this wonderful thing I know, this secret that explains everything and will bring such rejoicing and happiness!"

And as I went back down aeons of time, I was told I must not divulge the secret and I cried out why - and as I went, I was told why, and I said "At least let me always remember," but no,  I was not even to be allowed to remember even one small detail myself, and I cried out again - "But why may I not remember?" And then, just at the moment when I returned to my body in the dentist's chair, I was told why I must not even hug the knowledge to myself, and it was such a logical and wonderful reason that I accepted it joyfully, in the fullest understanding, and found myself opening my eyes, and smiling happily in the chair, completely overcome with what I thought had been a true and overwhelming revelation……….

This experience has nothing to do with religion, it wasn't a "vision," only something amazingly produced by the gas - but I kept hold of my identity all the time, and did not lose the reporter sense of the practised writer, who instinctively retains all that is essential to her true "news-story." 

 I have told only two or three people of this experience, as I did not think it sounded believable.



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Blyton, Enid

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