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Aubrey de Vere - Implicit faith



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Aubrey de Vere – Implicit Faith

Of all great Nature's tones that sweep
Earth's resonant bosom, far or near
Low breathed or loudest, shrill or deep
How few are grasped by mortal ear.

Ten octaves close our scale of sound
Its myriad grades, distinct or twined,
Transcend our hearing's petty bound,
To us as colours to the blind

In Sound's unmeasured empire thus
The heights, the depths alike we miss:
Ah, but in measured sound to us
A compensating spell there is!

In holy music's golden speech
Remotest notes to notes respond
Each octave is a world; yet each
Vibrates to worlds its own beyond

Clasp thou of Truth the central core!
Hold fast that centre's central sense!
An atom there shall fill thee more
Than realms on Truth's circumference.

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