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Allergies and the important impact of 'denatured' foods.



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From Allergies and Substance intolerances – Dr Gottfried Cornelissen [Dr Cornelissen is both a medical and dental doctor]

 Our immune system is chronically over worked, primarily by the enormously high number of foreign materials finding their way into our bodies.  It is not even so much the quantity but the great variety of pollutants from this industrial age.

This may be demonstrated using the example of the former GDR (German Democratic Republic).  Despite the horrendous air pollution from the factories there, there was a smaller incidence of allergies than in West Germany.  However, the children of the GDR did generally have to deal with frequent airway infections and chronic bronchitis.

Only the cumulative effect of industrial pollution and chemical laden processed foods after reunification allowed the allergy ratio in the east to match that in the west.  Beyond doubt, such denatured food has the greatest potential impact because such food can affect critical immunological structures within the intestines very directly.

It should be noted that the ingested and not the inhaled agents are the more important in this regard.

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