Spiritual concepts


The Celtic or Welsh name for a nymph.  It is also a very common Welsh name which is intriguing, because it may mean that people with the name Morgan have the hereditary capability to ‘see’ [see inherited genes].

Other names by which these spirit beings were known were : Gwragedd Annwn, Gwagedd Annwfr, Gwraig, Ladies of the Lake, Lake Maidens, Water Maidens, Water Faeries, Be-Find, and Morgens.

Annwn is the Welsh name for the Spirit world.  And legends state that it can be reached ‘beneath the surface of certain lakes’. Now this is a confusion of a whole host of possibilities.  The mirror and still lakes are symbols, but one can also see nymphs by being drowned.

“The Gwragedd Annwn may be seen walking upon the surface, floating beneath the water or otherwise sailing in small golden boats”.