Spiritual concepts

Governing vessel

The governing vessel

The Governing vessel is the confluence of all the Yang channels over which it is said to 'govern', it links in with some very key organs – so called 'yang' organs via various shared trigger points so it is key to health.  It is also the gateway to all the yang energy we have. 

The course of energy in the Governing vessel flows from one crucial trigger point which is to be found at the perineum and then flows  through the tip of the coccyx [sacrum] and then up the spine itself passing another crucial trigger at the Back of the neck where it enters the brain, runs along the top of the head, goes through the mid-line of the forehead passing through the third eye point ending near the upper lip but actually in the roof of the mouth. 

The  Governing vessel follows the course of the spine but it is not ‘in’ the spine.