Spiritual concepts

Energy synonyms


The observations provide some of the names used in various cultures for Energy, these include Tao, Qi and so on, but the following are also possible synonyms:

Silap Inua
In Inuit culture,  Silap Inua or Silla is the primary ‘component’ of everything that exists; it is also the breath of life and the method of any movement or change – the driving force behind evolution.  It is formless and without any ‘characteristics’.  The Inuit have also personified the force as a deity but although male the deity is never depicted – being formless and characterless.

Other possible synonyms

 I also came across other names which may describe the same thing.  Please note that the spelling may be wrong because the names are an attempt to transcribe a spoken term.

  • Iranian mythology : asha
  • Finnish mythology : Väki
  • Norse mythology :  seid or od
  • Basque mythology : Adur
  • Pueblo North American Indians: Po-wa-ha
  • Sioux North American Indians – Wakonda
  • Iroquois mythology : orenda
  • Salish-Kootenai mythology : sumesh
  • Anishinaabe traditional beliefs : manitou
  • Leni Lenape mythology : manetuwak
  • Aztec religion : teotl