Spiritual concepts

Constructor and receiver

The Model of spiritual experience is based on the work of Plato.  The Platonic model of dream theory says that the constructor of the spiritual experience is different from the receiver of the experience. There are thus two main functions which enable us to have a spiritual experience – a dream, for example or a hallucination or visionary experience.

‘You’ are not one but two.

You  - your Conscious self as your Will and the Personality you cherish, your Subconscious and your Higher spirit - actually co-exist in the same ‘body’ [or at least place in space].

The only route to the spiritual world at large is via the Constructor [and thus the Higher spirit].  You cannot access the wider spiritual world including all the Intelligences and other Spirit Entities, systems and data  except via the Constructor  – your composer/constructor.

Furthermore, it is normally only via the Constructor that your Conscious self can access your Subconscious.

What I would like you to see is that all the functions and data of both the receiver and the composer/constructor are in the spiritual world, even though the only access to the wider spiritual world for the receiver is via the composer.

Spirit is the software and hardware of the universe.  All the boxes and arrows on the diagram are ordered energy – they are Spirit

Memory is in the spiritual world, Perceptions  are in the spiritual world,  - are spirit - all the inputs outputs and processes shown are all spiritual – or analogously  ‘software’.  Let me put this another way, we already are in the spiritual world, but access to anything other than our own perceptions and memory is being controlled by a constructor function.

Function = software = spiritual world

Brain = hardware = physical world