Spiritual concepts


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Akasa or Akasha is the Indian word for Energy.  In effect it is a synonym.



Raja Yoga – Swami Vivekanda

According to the philosophers of India, the whole universe is composed of Akasa. It is the omnipresent, all penetrating  existence.  Everything that has form, everything that is the result of compounds, is evolved out of this Akasa. It is the Akasa that becomes the air, that becomes the liquids, that becomes the solids; it is the Akasa that becomes the sun, the earth, the moon, the stars, the comets; it is the Akasa that becomes the body, the animal body, the plants, every form that we see, everything that can be sensed, everything that exists. It itself cannot be perceived; it is so subtle that it is beyond all ordinary perception; it can only be seen when it has become gross, has taken form. At the beginning of creation there is only this Akasa; at the end of the cycle the solids, the liquids, and the gases all melt into the Akasa again, and the next creation similarly proceeds out of this Akasa.


 Prana is analogously ‘programmed’ energy - spirit.  By contrast, the akasa is the raw material from which the programs were made, the unprogrammed energy - raw energy.  The akasa is everywhere, as the raw material of both the physical world and the software functional world.

Thus references you see to the ‘Akashic record’ are incorrect – you cannot build a record from unprogrammed energy – it should be called the Prana record.