Common steps and sub-activities

‘Wall climbing’

This technique actually combines two methods –neck press and feet stimulation .   It was first used as a method of relieving fatigue in marching troops by two doctors in the French army – Drs DeFleury and Jacques.

The French surgeons’ idea did not require the troops to be anywhere special, all they needed to do was find a wall or a tree, but you will probably be at home.

Wear nothing on your feet.

Climb the wall with your feet as far as you can until your bottom is against the wall. 

There should be a small amount of pressure near the top of the neck by the cranium

Clench the toes really hard for several minutes.

Then relax them for several meanwhile breathing steadily and deeply. 

Repeat the whole process over and over again.

It may help after the clenching of the toes to wriggle them and the foot and ankles.

It is also possible to place the feet flat on the wall and press hard to arch the back putting slightly more pressure on the neck area.

Rock slightly as you do this.