Common steps and sub-activities


An ultramarathon (also called ultra distance) is any sporting event involving running longer than the traditional marathon length of 42.195 kilometres (26.2188 mi).  There are two types of ultramarathon events: those that cover a specified distance, and events that take place during a specified time (with the winner covering the most distance in that time).

Timed events range from 6, 12, and 24 hours to 3 and 6 days and even 10 days (known as multi-day events).  The latter has a special place in being able to induce spiritual experiences, as the pressure is on the person not to stop and rest, but to simply keep on going and going and going. ………..

The most common distances are 50 kilometres (31.069 mi), 100 kilometres (62.137 mi), 50 miles (80.467 km) and 100 miles (160.934 km).

Other distances/times include double marathons, 24-hour races, and multiday races of 1000 miles or even longer. The format of these events and the courses vary, ranging from single or multiple loops (some as short as a 400-meter track), to point-to-point road or trail races, to cross-country rogaines.

Although the track events have a record of inducing hallucinations, simply because the monotony of the track adds to the befuddling effect of sleep deprivation, running over roads can have a similar effect if the person spends his whole time looking down at the road.