Common steps and sub-activities

Tongue pressing

In tongue pressing you loosen the throat and then use the tongue to touch the Roof of Mouth.

The technique is used in osteopathy, yoga, plus a number of other methods. In the osteopathic approach, the osteopath does the pressing for you.  In Qigong it is called Da Qiao and the technique is believed to form the link between some very key meridians - the Governing and Conception Vessels.  There are only two trigger points that do this, the perineum is the other [along with the anus] as such if you press the roof of the mouth and pull in or press the perineum you have formed a circuit of energy.

The objective is to stimulate the palatine nerves which are distributed in the roof of the mouth, soft palate, and tonsils.  They are also to be found lining the membrane of the nasal cavity – see nose pressing.  They are part of the the maxillary nerve system.



The maxillary nerve (V2) carries sensory information from the lower eyelid and cheek, the nares and upper lip, the upper teeth and gums, the nasal mucosa, the palate and roof of the pharynx (see roof of mouth), the maxillary, ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses, and parts of the meninges.



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