Common steps and sub-activities

Theta training


Theta training is the name given to a collection of methods already on the site, but used together for obtaining inspiration, wisdom and relief from stress.  A certain amount of healing is also possible at the psychological/mental level, however, bodily healing occurs only during the delta state. 

The method is based on the belief that theta brain waves indicate that these benefits can be obtained.   The biofeedback enables the person to adjust what they are doing to obtain the theta state.  The activities and methods used are

Dr Elmer Green – Beyond Biofeedback

Theta training,  as we use it clinically, is a blend of yoga, Autogenic training (a form of therapy devised by psychiatrist Johannes Schultz which involves relaxation and autosuggestion), and biofeedback training-namely, a breathing exercise, relaxation and visualization, and a knowledge of results.  The body, the emotions, and the mind are trained simultaneously, and brain-wave feedback tells when the desired state is prevailing.  In order to produce theta consciously it is necessary to have a quiet body, tranquil emotions, and quiet thoughts all at the same time.  We surmise that it is this state that leads to integrative reverie.