Common steps and sub-activities

Swaying technique

If you would like to try this approach you stand in a comfortable position with your feet about a shoulder width apart and your arms hanging freely at your sides.

Take a full breath, allow your shoulders to relax and begin to gently twist your body to the left.  As you turn left, shift your weight onto your left foot and raise your right heel to make it easier to do a full turn.

When you reach the limit of your range of motion, begin slowly to move towards the right, as you turn right, shift your weight onto your right foot and raise your left heel again to make it easier to do a full turn.  As you do so breath slowly out, so that on going to the left you breathe in and on going to the right you breath out.

Do this a few times until you find yourself in a totally relaxed state.

Now let your eyes relax and keeping them open let them sweep across the view you are seeing.  Do not try to fix them in any one position, simply let them follow the arc as you turn almost like a brush painting your field of vision.  Don't try to focus on or look at any moving object.

You can begin with about 10 to 15 swings and gradually increase to 50 or so.