Common steps and sub-activities

Soles of Feet stimulation using combs

You need to make two very odd pieces of equipment. You need two 7 inch long stiff thickish metal combs and you need to be able to place them in a box so that they stand stiff and vertical with their teeth facing upwards. 

Place your bed or a very soft mattress against a wall with the tail end against the wall.  Make sure that even with considerable pressure on the wall, the mattress or bed does not slip backwards.  Now hang the two boxes containing the metal combs on the wall making sure they are firmly in place and the same height roughly  2 ½ to 3 feet above the bed.  They must be at a height that enables you to lie on the bed and with legs bent at a right angle you can press your feet into the ends of the comb along the entire length of the comb.

Put your feet on the edge of the comb in the boxes so that comb and feet are parallel and press extremely hard.  The teeth must press against the sole of the foot and the ball. Exert as much pressure as you can without pain.  Hold the pressure in for at least ten minutes and then relax and breathe deeply and slowly for a few minutes.  Then repeat the same procedure – pressure for ten minutes then relaxation and steady breathing.

During childbirth, the doctors who used this technique used to very very gently stroke the back of the hands with the teeth of a comb during the periods of rest and slow breathing, this may not be possible for you unless you have a helper, but it further helps the deep relaxation induced.  There is the danger you will fall asleep at this stage, so be aware that the techniques are extremely effective at removing pain and unwanted sensation and inducing sleep.