Common steps and sub-activities

Reducing opportunities - understanding the obsession

The next step is to try to list why this has become an obsession as opposed to just something nice that, if it happens it happens, and if it doesn’t it is no big deal.  Why are you obsessed with this pleasure?  Why do you spend most of the day dreaming about it and wanting it. 


Why are you obsessed with this pleasure?


It is sensuous and smooth and the taste is out of this world and I feel good afterwards


Because love makes me feel wanted and happy and full of life and the desire to do things and be things and …………

Interestingly enough one would think that this list would only contain pleasures that are hard to get or have been, as it were, taken from us. 

And indeed this is often what you find, people list ‘love’ when they don’t get much, ‘sex’ when it is often denied them, chips when their health means they cannot eat them. 

But they also sometimes list the things they ‘have’ and in fact things they can get easily that they simply want more and more of  [like sex and chocolate!].  This is addiction -  a much trickier problem.