Common steps and sub-activities

Reducing opportunities - keeping a diary

Now keep a diary and add to the list by keeping your mind on the look out for inexplicable Emotions.  Why have you suddenly felt a wave of pleasure, why that inexplicable sense of anticipation.  What started it – look round for the sensory input which could have started this or search your Memory for what you were thinking about at the time when the Emotion was felt.  What was the stimulus?  Add to the list

So maybe you get pleasure from reading fiction novels, or watching nature programs or maybe walking in the countryside, sailing, dancing, having a warm shower, getting a phone call from friends, cuddling your dog, ruffling your husband’s hair until it sticks on end, hiding all his underpants in the fridge – no sorry it’s getting a bit personal here – but you get the idea.

This list is likely to be quite long 


A plate of fish and chips now and again

A caravan holiday in Scarborough every year

Sex every Sunday morning

Warmth [never being cold]

A warm bath every Friday night

Two children

My dog

Reading fiction novels

Watching nature programmes

Walking in the country



Cuddling my dog

Ruffling husband’s hair

Brussel sprouts


Being loved