Common steps and sub-activities

Reducing desires - revising the list

Now use what you have done here to revise the list and keep on going through the list again and again questioning it and revising it until you come up with a more accurate list of what you do want to do and why 


Why have you got this objective?

Would this actually make you happier?

I would like to go on holiday to a tropical island 

Because I think it will give me a sense of peace and the colours and sounds look beautiful


I would like to be looked after like I was when I was a child 

Because I felt safe and happy then and loved


I would like to drive a Ferrari for a day

Because I would like to feel what it is like to go that fast


I would like to change my house to something less expensive to maintain and  pay for, in a prettier place - away from the city and somewhere more peaceful

Because my present house worries me, the bills worry me, the noise of the city gives me no peace, I hate cities and I love the country



I want get out of the rat race

It is making me ill

I get no sex because I am hardly ever at home and I am knackered when I am at home