Common steps and sub-activities

Reducing desires - List the objectives you know about

The first step is to list out everything that you either want to do or some state you would like to reach.  As you are doing this also write out why you want to do this.  For example 


Why have you got this objective?

I would like to go on holiday to a tropical island 

Because I think it will give me a sense of peace and the colours and sounds look beautiful

I would like to be looked after like I was when I was a child 

Because I felt safe and happy then and loved

I would like to own a Ferrari

Because Jeremy Clarkson raves about them and they look sleek and fast and I would like to feel what it is like to go that fast

I would like to own a Yacht

Because on a yacht you are free of all the worries of a house and bills and all you have is the wind and the waves and the chance to go wonderful places

I would like to own a Holiday home

Because … don’t know really ….. perhaps because where we live is horrible and I just want to get away from the city and all the rat race

I would like to have Sex every day

Are you joking?  Because it sends me high high high

I would like to be a millionaire

Because then I wouldn’t have any worries and I could buy anything I want